Ground-up redesign of a critical transportation planning tool

Remix is Via's transportation planning software suite. Remix gives planners the tools to go from a high-level vision to granular day-of operation plans. I lead design for Remix Scheduling, tools used to assign bus trips to vehicles and drivers while optimizing for efficiency and cost.

I joined the Scheduling team to helm a ground-up redesign and relaunch aimed at expanding our existing customer base of small municipalities to include large cities with complex transportation needs.

Remix Scheduling, before and after the redesign.

Not just redesigning for fun

The goals of the redesign were to:

Much of the process detail of this work is confidential. Please get in touch to discuss further!

A brief video demo of high-level Scheduling features in the redesigned interface.

Was it worth it?

In the year since relaunching the product, we have released significant new and complex features, and the new interface framework has provided natural entry points for all of them, allowing the product to mature gracefully.

We have reduced technical debt by sharing many more components and resources with the Remix Planning product, leaning much more heavily on our design system components.

Finally, we have been able to expand to accommodate large-city enterprise customers. Those we've spoken with are delighted to finally have enterprise software that is beautiful, intuitive, and tailor-made for their profession.